User Persona

In this article, we’re going to discuss a tool that Mr. Martins and his team used during the “how to get more women into digital jobs” challenge to generate insights into the challenge.

The User persona

The user persona tool represents the target user’s needs, thoughts, and goals to ensure human-centered design. During this challenge, the design team used the user persona to capture former applicants/participants of the programs’ fears, goals, motivations, social demographic backgrounds, and key influencers.

Below is one of the user personas that was created during the study

Tips for an effective user persona design.

Do your research

It is important to conduct research on your user, and ensure that the product/ solution that you have planned to design or have in mind aligns with their behavior, needs, and backgrounds.

Use templates

It is tempting for a designer to get all creative when it comes to designs, but it is very okay and recommended to use templates as they save time.

User personas can evolve

As an organization, you are expected to grow and as you grow, the audience grows and evolves, it is recommended to keep tabs on the users and update the personas.

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