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Live Session #11 | How is your local hairdresser going to benefit from open data?

February 10 @ 3:00 PM 4:30 PM CET

Keynote speaker: Lizet Espinosa (Mexico)

Open data is hot. But how on earth is your hairdresser down the street going to benefit from open data? Isn’t open data not only meant for data professionals and digital guru’s?

Liz is a strategic designer who dove into the challenge of the data literacy gap. On the one hand, governments want to be participatory governments. They make their public data open and accessible to the public so communities can use that to get involved and use it to influence politics and get things done. But most of the citizens are data illiterate. They aren’t tech savy. Liz considered this as a design challenge. The result?

A participatory tool that brings all sorts of people within community together, from hairdresser to the community security whatsapp group manager, from pensionado to schoolchildren. She literally put people around the same table, and guided them through a 3-step approach.

During this live session, Liz will share about her 3 steps participatory approach to empower communities in making use of data. We will reflect on the role of designers in this arena, and share her learnings of her research and design process.

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