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Live Session #12 | The Rise and Quick Death of Mobile Apps. What’s Going Wrong?

February 24 @ 3:00 PM 4:30 PM CET

Keynote speaker: Albertina Manuel(Angola)

Too many start-ups in Africa launch mobile apps, but do they actually are the best fit for solving the problems at hand? Is the pace of digitalisation in Africa not too high and overpromising? Are citizens in low resources contexts really ready for a wide uptake of these apps? Are governments ready to support the digital innovation space to thrive? Or do entrepreneurs simply find it sexy and trendy to launch an app, without investing enough in actually knowing their users and their problems?

Albertina Baltazar Manuel is a service designer in Angola, who has been supporting (fintech) startups in her home country. Based on her experiences, she became a bit sceptical about the digital promise in Africa. During this live session, she will first share her experiences after which the community will discuss what we as designers can do about his.

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