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Live Session #17 | Graduation path of HCD practitioners

May 5 @ 3:00 PM 4:30 PM CEST

Next session: Thursday May 5th
Facilitator: Thomas Schuurmans
Topic: Graduation path of HCD practitioners

During the last live session, we had some great discussions about the future of our community. In short: all participants like the idea to open up the community to HCD learners as well. This serves our purpose of spreading the power of HCD to solve the world’s most pressing problems. On the other hand, it will generate opportunities for HCD professionals / seniors to offering HCD training to novice HCD enthusiasts. I also believe that it will generate more consultancy work for us, since HCD enthusiasts will act as ambassadors within their organisation to promote using HCD. This will generate demand for professional HCD support.  

The consequence of this strategy is that we would need better articulated ‘user profiles’ within our community, reflecting the various experience levels. Once we have articulated HCD experience levels, we can also offer a personal development path to members: this could include training offerings, stimulating people to share practical HCD experiences cases on the platform, on which other community members can respond to mentor them. 

Through gamification, we can stimulate and track people’s progress. 

I like to invite all of you to participate in the formulation of the various user profiles, and also co-create the indicators how we can measure someone’s progress and what perks we can think of to stimulate people to achieve those milestones. 

Come and join us on shaping our community strategy!


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