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Live session #6 | Storytelling

18/11/2021 @ 3:00 PM 4:30 PM CET

On Thursday November 18th, Josemarie Nyagah will share her experience on “How storytelling can be used in design research?”. She will talk about a case study how storytelling changed the way host communities view refugees in Nairobi. She shares practical examples how she used video and photo in capturing stories as an effective way to empathise with users you design for. Finally, she gives some practical tips how human-centered designers can use photo and video making as technique for design research.

About Josemarie Nyagah:
During her undergraduate degree (BA) Peace and Conflict Resolution studies, Refugee Studies was one of the units she encountered. It focused on the plight of refugees in Kenya. It was there that she developed an interest in learning more about the challenges that one encounters when they are forcibly removed from their homes. This led her to do internship with a refugee organization. In Nairobi. It was there that she met and interacted with refugees from different walks of life. She was able to hear and see first-hand, the experiences people face when they are forced to lead a new life. This had her questioning why there is still a big gap between refugees and their host communities. It is from this experience that her research topic for her thesis ‘Shifting Societal Perceptions of Refugees through Film’ was born with the aim to look for ways that film can help bridge this growing issue.

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