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  2. Class 01- Introduction
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  3. Class 02 - Competitor Research
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  4. Class 03 - Customer Research
    7 Topics
  5. Class 04 - Stakeholder Research
    8 Topics
  6. Class 05 - Scoping Your Opportunity
    8 Topics
  7. Class 06 - Product/Service Ideation
    6 Topics
  8. Class 07 - Customer Journey Design
    6 Topics
  9. Class 08 - Prototype Planning
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  10. Class 09 - Marketing
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  11. Class 10 - Revenue Streams & Pricing
    8 Topics
  12. Class 11 - Branding
    9 Topics
  13. Class 12 - Bookkeeping
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  14. Class 13 - Goal & Roadmap
    7 Topics
  15. Class 14 - Cash Flow Forecasting
    9 Topics
  16. Class 15 - Capital Need & Sources
    7 Topics
  17. Class 16 - Company Registration
    7 Topics
  18. Class 17 - Pitching Your Business
    7 Topics
  19. Class 18 - Design Promo Event & Booth
    6 Topics
  20. Class 19 - Finalising Your Business Plan
    7 Topics
  21. Class 20 - Celebration Event
    5 Topics
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Muhammad 07/12/2022
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Homework assignments for upcoming week

Value chain: Interview the person(s) within your value chain that you have
selected to better understand the challenges that are being experienced by him
or her (see: Value Chain Map part 2 of workbook exercise 4.1). Apply the “5x
why?” technique in order to get a deep understanding of the root cause of the
challenges.  Write down your key learnings from the interview(s) in workbook
Technology: You can search online with google or ask tech savvy friends & family
to better understand the technologies that have been suggested in assignment
4.2 and assignment 4.4 . Via Google and talking with experts you can better
understand what the advantages and disadvantages these technologies have for
your business. You can search for the price, if it is available in your region, if you
there are any “how to” videos that explain how you can make the technology
yourself.  Once you have done your research, you select your top-3 technologies
(1, 2 or max 3), and list the advantages and disadvantages in your workbook.
And remember: this ‘technology exercise’ is to inspire you. After all, it is not
mandatory to include technology in your business. You are the entrepreneur. You
decide for yourself.
Government: in case your business is in line with the policies of the local
government, then they might be even willing to endorse and help you. On the
other hand, you need to be well aware of the law and restrictions that might
apply to your business. Like food safety laws in case you are selling food. So try
to get answers to the following two questions:
1. How can my business actually help the government’s objectives?
2. Which regulations apply to my business?
You can browse the website of your local government, you can visit the offices of
your local government and ask, or you might know someone who works at the
government who you can ask.

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