Governance Innovation To Improve Healthcare Service Delivery in Nigeria


The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in Ekiti State revealed structural weaknesses in the healthcare system, prompting MIT GOV/LAB’s Innovation unit in partnerships with Co-creation Hub and Gatefield to support the capacity of the public sector to develop innovative solutions that could address both immediate pandemic-related issues and lay the groundwork for long-term improvements in healthcare in the state.


The Governance Innovation lifecycle challenge and accelerator used the innovation framework through an 8-month accelerator to build the capacity of our civil servants and public sector organizations; the Ministry of Health to birth and sustain innovative solutions that respond to the needs of Ekiti people and improve service delivery.


Emmanuella supported the end-to-end execution of the program, working with the Ekiti State Ministry of Health to train and introduce the integrated Governance innovation framework and support the co-creation of context-specific prototypes to improve service delivery in Ekiti’s Healthcare system specifically around the quality of patient care and public health security and preparedness.


The accelerator resulted in the creation of two prototypes, one aimed at enhancing redress mechanisms in public facilities and advanced outbreak surveillance. The winning solution garnered ongoing support from partners for implementation while facilitating cross-learning and capacity building to the participating teams.

This project was commissioned by MIT GOV/LAB. If you’ve enjoyed reading this case and want to dive deeper, we’d love to hear from you. Reach out to us to discuss ideas, ask questions, or explore collaboration. Let’s turn curiosity into action together. Contact Us

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