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We bring ideas to life through building simple and advanced prototypes of product & services.
Prototyping can take various forms. A low fidelity prototype can be as simple as a sketch, storyboard or flyer explaining your idea, up to high fidelity which can be a functional service, product or app. With our variety of designers, from campaign designers, product designers, service designers and app developers; we got you covered.   

What is Prototyping?

Now that you have your design ideas generated and your constraints mapped, it’s time to start thinking about what those design ideas might look like in the real world. This is your first step towards physical manifestations (prototype) of your design concepts: the product, service, or system that embodies your concept and brings it into a form that participants can use.


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How to do prototyping?

Design prototypes are built with different fidelity levels (i.e. level of completeness and degree of detailing) depending on the maturity level of the design and the purpose for which the prototype is being built. Depending on the level of completeness and degree of detailing, a design prototype can be classified as one of the following:

  • Low fidelity – low cost, rough and quick to build
  • Medium fidelity – slightly more detailed, still rough but closer to the solution
  • High fidelity – highly detailed and much closer to final production ready solution
prototype fidelities

Usually in the very early stages of the design process, the project team will prefer to build low-cost rapid prototypes (low fidelity prototypes) with emphasis on specific features of the concept, which are validated through controlled experiments.The learnings from these initial low fidelity prototype tests will be used as input to improve the design and later build a more complex, detailed and expensive prototypes (medium & high fidelity prototypes), which can be subjected to a more rigorous tests through comprehensive field experiments. This cyclic process of prototype building, prototype testing and design improvement will repeat multiple times until the design concept has evolved into a production-ready solution.

Why hire Proportion for prototyping?

When we run design sprints, it is always a feast to experience the energy of our client’s team when we build a prototype in just one or two days. This has always been considered as something that takes months. With the mindset of developing rapid prototypes, that are good enough for user testing, you can save so much time and money, while getting valuable user feedback. Sometimes it just takes an external party to get it done. And with the Proportion community, there is always a designer within reach who have the relevant expertise, whether it is service design, product design, campaign design or app development. Bring it on! 

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