Proportion Global makes it easy to work with the best HCD experts across the Global South. We can quickly assemble the best team for your job. 


Design Research

Discover local problem to understand what your stakeholders feel, think, say and do.

Idea Generation

We generate ideas to solve design challenges by engaging users, stakeholders and your staff.



We bring ideas to life through building simple and advanced prototypes of product & services..

Feasibility Studies

We validate and recommend how to introduce and contextualise your innovation for a new market.

Business Modeling

We help design and build new revenue streams and more inclusive business models.

Training in HCD

Training in HCD

We train HCD and coach you on how to apply it in your work via.
Proportion Academy.

Selection of Case Studies

We have been working in the HCD field for over 11 years and have an extensive track record in several thematic areas. Hire a HCD team with local presence and thematic experience.  

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