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Proportion Global

Proportion Global is the most decentralised human-centered design agency in the world. We serve NGOs, social enterprises and governments to design impactful solutions for low-income communities with our network of local HCD professionals in Africa, South Asia and Latin America.

Why choose to work with native HCD professionals ?

Native HCD professionals are better in understanding the local context and empathizing with users.

Being in close proximity to users makes it easy to go to the field for multiple user feedback cycles. 

Minimal travel expenses and CO2 emissions compared to flying in foreign consultants.  

"At Proportion Global, we believe in the transformative power of human centered design, crafting innovative solutions that place people at the heart of every creation."

Our services

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Build the HCD capacity of your management and field teams through our top senior HCD professionals. Our blended courses give you a hands-on experience how to implement HCD with case studies from across the global south.

Our presence

We currently have presence in 46 countries.

We are working towards 100% coverage across the global south by 2025.

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