Love letter


Instead of directly asking people what they like or don’t like about a particular brand, product or service, this method gives insight into their perceptions by eliciting feelings based on real-life experiences and interactions through writing a love or breakup letter.


Using brand- consumer relationships, perception and loyalty can help you create a better design.


In the ideation and user exploration phase.


  1. Decide how many letters you would like to have and what the character is of the insights you are gathering. Organise either a group meeting or a way to receive individual letters.
  2. Ask participants to write a break-up letter for the brand or product they are saying or said goodbye to.
  3. Ask participants to write a love letter for the brand or product they are currently in love with.
  4. Gather your team and go through all letters. Try and find commonalities between them and see what elements influence the relationships the most. List those and give them a rating in terms of importance for your design.


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