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Idea Generation

We generate ideas to solve design challenges by engaging users,   stakeholders and your staff.
We facilitate single idea generation workshop up to design sprints in the field or remotely. The success factor lies in engaging the users in the creative process, and provide them with creative techniques like crazy eights, round robin and storyboarding. But like Steve Jobs created the iphone, Proportion designers actively participate in the creative process. We dare to go beyond creative facilitation. Sometime you need a creative push to innovate and get to new ideas that users could not yet have imagined yet. 

What is idea generation?

After having formulated the design challenges (HMW statements) based on the key insights (insight statements) from empathy research, the HCD is set to enter the Design Phase (includes Ideation and Prototyping) of HCD process. 

This phase involves generating ideas to address the design challenges at hand and building prototypes of the most promising ideas and them in real life context to validate user desirability, technical feasibility and market viability of the selected idea. It is recommended for HCD teams to follow an iterative design approach instead of trying to perfect the first version of a solution concept. 

The iterative design approach focuses on building most promising concepts, testing them in a real or simulated context and making incremental refinements to converge around product or service solutions that offer desired impact outcomes in the most sustainable manner.

Idea generation

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How to do idea generation?

Conducting ideation workshops with a diverse team HCD has proven to be the most efficient and effective approach for generating a large set of potential ideas in a short span of time. Some of the key considerations for generating ideas and concepts in an ideation workshops are:

  • Idea generation is a team sport and diversity of thinking should be encouraged. Hence, avoid making any one person responsible for generating ideas
  • Take a multidisciplinary approach by inviting people with different skills, specialties, backgrounds, and roles in your department/organisation and also from other related agencies (including customers/users, vendors/suppliers, commercial partners and other relevant stakeholders) to take part in the ideation process.
  • Invite your management/leadership team and the key stakeholders (including donors, strategic partners, policy makers, etc) to be involved. It gives them visibility of the process and provides a channel for them to express their own ideas without permitting ownership. Ultimately it will help you to generate buy-in.

Why hire Proportion for idea generation?

Creativity is a muscle you can train. The more you have been part of idea generation sessions, the more experienced you get at free association, getting inspiration from other sectors and having seen a lot of innovative ideas from which you can cherry pick and combine.

The Proportion community not only has strong individuals who are experienced in idea generation, but it allows a local designer to tap into the creativity of the global community. By simply posting a question to our community many more ideas and lightning demos can quickly be harvested. 

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