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Live session #36 | Navigating the Unknowns of a Design workshop

08/03/2023 @ 2:30 PM 4:00 PM CET

Title: Navigating the Unknowns of a Design workshop


  • Angela Koki, Designer at the Institute of Design and Innovation, SPACEAI, and Proportion Global
  • Moses Mwaniki, Design Strategist at the Institute of Design and Innovation, SPACEAI and Proportion Global


In this session, Angela and Moses will take us through their experience facilitating a design workshop for the Mombasa Plastics Prize Challenge. The Prize challenge aims to encourage aspiring entrepreneurs and leaders (ages 18-25) in Mombasa County to develop solutions that tackle the problem of plastic waste mismanagement within informal settlements. The first hackathon sought to divide the 60 finalists into teams and instil design thinking methodologies when tackling a problem. Several unknowns and challenges came up along the way. Angela and Moses will share with us how they navigated team formation, team dynamics, and their training sessions on HCD.

Challenge Works contracted Proportion Global to provide HCD support to the finalists of the Mombasa Plastics Prize Challenge.

Bio of speaker(s)


Koki is a Designer at SpaceAI, the Institute of Design and Innovation, and Proportion Global. She co-leads in design research and program facilitation for social impact projects in both companies. Problem-solving, creativity, and working in teams are among her strengths. Her passion lies in understanding how different ecosystems work, mapping out the human journey and potential entry points for enterprises to plug in. Her process always starts with intentional research, because she believes products should be made for the people by the people. 


Moses is a Design Strategist at the Institute of Design and innovation, SpaceAI and Proportion Global, where he works on multifaceted projects ranging from business development, agriculture, technology and social impact. With his expertise in design thinking, Moses is dedicated to integrating HCD methodologies into his work to drive innovation and empower individuals and organizations to find fitting solutions to their unique challenges.  He is passionate about being at the forefront of research and innovation to help communities and businesses find fitting solutions to their challenges by integrating HCD into their process.

For who is this live session?

This live session is open to everyone who is interested, and is not limited to only members of the Proportion Global community.

Join Zoom Meeting via: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/82114567624


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