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Live Session #39 | How do displaced children in Nigeria respond to EdTech innovation?

31/08/2023 @ 3:00 PM 4:30 PM CEST

Title: How do displaced children in Nigeria respond to EdTech innovation?

Inspirator: Azeezah Adekunle, Nigeria

Client: IRC


Displaced children in rural Nigeria have faced considerable challenges due to the violence in the area, which has disrupted their learning journeys. The displacement of many children has made it even more difficult for them to have consistent access to education. To overcome these challenges, IRC has set up a pilot whereby two schools tested the Mavis Talking Book consisting of a digital pen (Mavis Pen) and a specially printed book (Mavis Book). When the pen touches text or pictures in the book, it reads out the corresponding audio, including interactive games, quizzes, and multi-language translations. Next, IRC contracted Proportion to conduct user observations, focus groups and interviews with children and teachers to understand the behaviour and response to this innovation.

During this live session, Azeezah will introduce this case study and share valuable tips and techniques she employed during her design research and the insights around:

  1. Is it possible for some students to use the pen while others do not?
  2. Are the pens too much of a distraction? 
  3. What are the direct and indirect interactions with the pen?

Based on her insights, Azeezah made design recommendations on how this EdTech innovation can be optimally deployed to create an impact on children.

About Azeezah Adekunle

Azeezah is an experienced professional passionate about using technology innovation to drive social change. She has 2+ years of experience in UX Research and design, focusing on underrepresented and hard-to-reach user groups in Africa. She has worked with a variety of tech products, including Finance, Social media, B2B products. With a unique combination of intellectual curiosity, creativity drive and discipline, Azeezah brings fresh perspectives to work and problem-solving. Her expertise in qualitative methodologies allows her to engage users and elicit actionable insights that drive the design of user-centric products and services.

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