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Live Session #42 | Peer-learning pods

08/11/2023 @ 4:00 PM 5:00 PM CET

On Wednesday November 8th, we have another live session: peer-learning pods

This session is based on the learning pod format. All participants have the opportunity to have their professional challenges discussed with peers. For example, a challenge you are experiencing in delivering an HCD project or how to get new clients. It can be anything really,  as long as it is related to HCD professionals. 

Learning Pod Format (20 minutes)

  • 5 minutes – Challenge owner introduces his/her challenge
  • 3 minutes – Peers ask clarifying questions to get a better understanding of the challenge
  • 1 minute – Challenge owner re-articulates the challenge into one burning question
  • 9 minutes – Group shares ideas and experiences that contribute to solving the challenge
  • 2 minutes – Challenge owner reflects on the discussion and summarises the key takeaways

Within one hour, we have time to run 2-3 rounds in series.

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