Stakeholder Map


With this exercise, you clearly identify all the stakeholders involved in your project, understand their influence and interest, and map out their relationships. This helps in ensuring effective communication and engagement strategies, leading to better project outcomes.

Generally, a stakeholder map can be of use if:
⦾ You need to understand the various relationships and influences between different stakeholders, identifying key players and their interests, power, and impact on the project or initiative

⦾ You’re developing a strategic plan and need to prioritize stakeholder engagement, ensuring that the most influential and critical stakeholders are effectively involved and their needs and concerns are addressed.

⦾ You want to identify potential risks and opportunities related to stakeholder actions or reactions, allowing for proactive management and the leveraging of positive relationships to support project success.


The activity averagely takes 45mins – 60 mins.


⦾Large paper or whiteboard
⦾ Pen and post-its
⦾ Markers



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